Confidence That Clean is Really Clean

Visual inspection of a surface can overlook light-colored residue from previous fills.

Sanitize and confirm the cleanliness of your workstation with
InspectaSat Presaturated wipers.

InspectaSat’s black surface allows easy detection of remaining residue. The wiper is pre-saturated with 70% IPA to ensure maximum particle capture while applying liquid evenly over surfaces. The convenient, resealable package also prevents drying and extends life of the product. InspectaSat is recommended for ISO 4+ cleanrooms and is part of Teknipure’s TekniSat Wiper Family.  The video to the right demonstrates how InspectaSat improves the efficacy of cleaning.


  • Made from black polyester filament, which makes the impact of wiping much easier to see.
  • Wipes have sealed edges to prevent fiber shedding.
  • Saturated with ultra-pure IPA/DIW.

InspectaSat Wiper Pre-saturated with 70% IPA (TS2PUI70Z-99BK)