COVID-19 Update & Surface Wiping Guide

In light of all that is happening in our world today with the COVID-19 virus, Teknipure would like to communicate our own internal controls and safeguards to keep our staff healthy and our production continuous. Our production team operates in an ISO 5 cleanroom with very high air flow and filtration, while clothed in full PPE including face masks, operating in a low contagion risk environment.

Prior to beginning work, all operators receive a temperature check; if above 100.4℉, the employee must leave the facility and get tested for the virus. If anyone feels ill, they will be temperature checked, following the same protocol. We are frequently cleaning common surfaces (with our alcohol wet wipes) and all employees are embracing enhanced hand hygiene and washing frequency. To date, no one on staff is infected and we are resuming standard office hours.

Health officials have shared that the best policy is minimal interaction with others (when possible), enhanced hand and surface hygiene, keeping hands away from the face, a strong immune system, and wiping surfaces with cleaners that kill the virus to prevent exposure. Wipes saturated with a sanitizer like 70% IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol), or a disinfectant effectively kills the virus on all surfaces.

Below, we are sharing proper surface wiping procedures to help you realize best cleaning efficacy.

1. Always follow relevant site protocols and procedures; this should include wearing appropriate cleanroom gloves and garments.

2. Fold the wiper into quarter folds. This will provide several clean surface areas and allow better contact with the surface to be wiped.

3. When wiping, hold the wiper so that the folded edge is toward your fingertips. Hold the unfolded edges in your hand. Group the unfolded edges between your thumb and forefinger.

4. Use either a pre-wetted wiper or a dry wiper moistened with an appropriate cleaning agent.

5. Wipe in one direction, overlapping wipedknipure318-scaled.jpg” />

6. Wipe from cleanest to least clean regions of the surface being wiped. Wipe systematically, so from top to bottom, or far to near, in a linear vs. circular motion.

7. Be sure to keep track of which surfaces have been cleaned and which wiper areas are unused.

8. Always use the cleanest surfaces of the wiper. If re-wiping, use a clean portion of the wiper, not the used wiper area.

9. Dispose of wipers according to established site procedures.

Prevention is the best policy so please embrace all aspects to protect yourself and others. Teknisat wet wipes are intended to kill the virus on inanimate surfaces, but not intended for use on human skin. We can help keep your environment clean and virus free, but if you feel ill, please get yourself tested and isolate to prevent potential spread.

As for production, our factories are producing materials feverishly and we are expediting as needed to maintain continuous supply. We are however currently back-ordered on face masks (like most others). We expect this to be a short-term situation as production has resumed.

Demand for our wiping products has seen rampant growth. Our policy is to prioritize allocation of products to our existing customers, and remaining capacity is applied to new customers and inquiries. We have sufficient inventory on hand to maintain production; however, people are concerned and may be over ordering; we want to ensure that we are helping everyone in need of these crucial cleaning items. This is problematic, and forces more allocation and rationing. Please know we will provide continuous supply, but exponentially increasing your order size will result in an unnecessary and avoidable delay in delivery.

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