Teknipure’s TekniMopTM mopping solutions are an excellent choice for cleanning floors and walls in controlled environments. Our family of mops provide excellent “pick up”, durability, and strength.

TekniMop CE™

TekniMop CE

TekniMop CE is well suited for cleaning floors and walls in controlled environments. Also available sterile for aseptic applications.

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TekniMop CR™

TekniMop CR

Teknimop CR is best for cleaning floors, walls, and ceilings in critical cleanrooms. Performs well cleaning smooth or textured surfaces.

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TekniMop MF™

TekniMop MF

TekniMop Microfiber is the best choice for maximum contamination removal from floors, walls, and ceilings. Choice of looped or flat microfiber mops.

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