Lessons Learned

While 2020 has undoubtedly been one of the most historic years in our lifetime and posed some unimaginable challenges (particularly in the manufacturing and distribution of PPE and sanitizing products), there are so many lessons that we can take away and utilize in the years to come. Large and small businesses, along with people of all ages and experiences, have managed to stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel and push forward.

Teknipure was deemed essential, and therefore, has remained open throughout these times of uncertainty. We are grateful to have a team that has labored together as one, and continues to provide the highest level of customer service through the continued, extremely high demand for our products. In the midst of the pandemic, we have made many changes in our company to increase production output and further support our customers. Like many other businesses, we are doing our best to ensure product quality and customer service is maintained at the level you are used to. Toward that goal, we have made necessary, crucial adjustments, like adding personnel to our team and expanding our hours of operation.

Frequent critical cleaning, “minding the gap”, and wearing masks continue to be priorities to protect the health of all of our families, and our employees (the Teknipure family). We are extremely grateful to all of our new and tenured customers who have worked with us through these changes. We are proud of our team for understanding the growing demand, and overcoming any and all obstacles, to provide the best possible products for you. We are also grateful for and appreciative of each and every frontline worker and essentials supplier, as well as the opportunity to participate in the effort to fight COVID-19 by supporting them with the needed protection our products provide against viral transmission.

Yes, this year has been filled with countless questions and many lifestyle adjustments centered around some of the unforeseen conflicts that evolved; however, it has also been a year of ascending appreciation! We are thankful for the opportunities to both expand our business (while helping so many stay safe from the virus) and build customer bases in more market segments (as they learned about the essential products we offer). At Teknipure, we appreciate all of our partnerships and look forward to a strong and healthy new year!

Happy Holidays and Thank You for your continued collaboration with Teknipure!

The Holidays and COVID-19

There’s absolutely no denying that 2020 has been thrown completely off kilter. It’s been a crazy and difficult year, which thankfully is almost over. While we look forward to 2021 with both the possibility of new beginnings and the vaccine helping slow the spread of COVID-19, we cannot ignore SARS-CoV-2’s last big standoff of this year with the world’s population – the holiday season.

With new positive cases in the United States of just under 1.5 million between December 8 – 14, we must fight pandemic fatigue and continue to wear masks and/or social distance when we cannot, as well as clean, disinfect, and sanitize. During the holiday season, these practices become increasingly important, due to family gatherings and bringing even more goods and supplies into our homes than our usual grocery or Walmart and Target trips.


As our specialty is providing cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization supplies, below we have included some helpful tips to remember while enjoying this time of year and all the good things that come with it.

Shopping carts – At the beginning of the pandemic, we saw store associates in person and on the news dutifully consistently, and constantly spraying down shopping cards with disinfectant. That isn’t necessarily the case anymore. To make sure your chosen cart is safe, dispense hand sanitizer into your hands, rub them together, then spread the gel onto the cart handle and corners (because we often touch those when maneuvering the trolley too, but don’t always realize we do it).

Take several masks with you shopping – When walking through brick-and-mortar establishments trying to find gifts and everything we need for our traditional holiday feasts, we usually visit several places and are out for many hours at a time. Being able to switch to a fresh mask a few times during your trips will keep you better protected from viral particles, as well as more comfortable. Remember to properly clean and disinfect cloth masks when you get home, making them ready for your next excursion into the holiday crowds.

Closer quarters means increased exposure – In addition to visiting more stores than normal, we encounter more people than usual, and that means less space to social distance in the aisles and checkout lanes. Be mindful of this and your surroundings, and remember to have grace with those around you. It may cost you a few extra minutes to move aside and be distanced while the people who don’t understand ‘pandemic personal space’ make their selections, but it will certainly keep you safer from potential infection (and that goes for influenza, a cold, and COVID-19).

Increased touches and high-touch items – Sometimes we see the perfect gift, but many times, we want to pick up potential purchases, read the labels, inspect carefully, and only then we know it’s what we want for that special someone. Who knows how many others have come before us and handled that same item? This also goes for the self-checkout and cashier stands. We can’t avoid touching things entirely, but we can use hand sanitizer at regular intervals (particularly when shopping for the person who has everything, and you need to find something unique). Remember to use hand sanitizer after checking out too.

Time on surfaces – Almost all transmission of the virus is person-to-person or contact with infected droplets, so it’s easy to neglect the role packaging and surfaces may play, and rely more on masks, social distancing, and good hand hygiene. As we mentioned previously, the increase in people means increased touching of items, and we certainly don’t know what happened before we were present and saw with our own eyes. Be mindful of this when bringing things into your house, and be sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after handling. Unfortunately, the most common sanitizing sprays (including a solution with 70% isopropyl alcohol) can ruin ink printing, and therefore, the appearance of those gifts or holiday decorations. As COVID-19 cannot live un-hosted on most everyday surfaces we come in contact with (like cardboard and plastic), leaving those items untouched in a separate area of the house for a few days is a good answer to this issue. We know this isn’t practical for food deliveries, so a good tip for these is to wash your hands well after accepting delivery, open the containers exposing the goodies, then wash your hands well again, and only at that time retrieve serving utensils and get ready to chow down.

“COVID-19 Fighting Station” – Even though the CDC is recommending we celebrate the holidays only with those who live in our same household, it’s natural to want to get together with others, especially during this time of year, and considering most families have special traditions tied to this season. How about setting up a “COVID-19 Fighting Station” inside your door? A bottle of hand sanitizer, some disposable masks, and perhaps some disinfecting wipes are all you need. This year, we wouldn’t be surprised to see these replace bottles of wine and flowers for host and hostess gifts! In fact, you could also pick up some 1-2 ounce bottles of hand sanitizer, travel-sized packages of disinfecting wipes, and masks as party favors and take-home treats for your guests.

From all of us to all of you, have a wonderful and safe holiday season! Here’s to 2021!

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