Another Teknipure Innovation Hits the Market

Teknipure has developed and introduced another industry first with our new InspectaSat pre-saturated wiper.

This product has been developed at the request of contamination-challenged engineers and cleanroom operators. Typically, cleanroom wipers are white, and many surfaces, PPE, and supplies in the cleanroom are also white – hence the early name “white-room”. However, often contaminant sought to be removed is white or translucent, making it very difficult to determine the efficacy of wiping because the operator cannot determine what or how much the wipe is picking up and removing. If an operator cannot see what is being removed, or the value of the wiping function being performed, they are less likely to do so as frequently or diligently as needed.

For years, inspection wipes have been available, but rarely used en-masse. Inspection wipes are made from black polyester filament, which makes it much easier to visually see the impact of wiping.

Teknipure is proud to introduce the InspectaSat, which provides an answer to the industry challenge of determining efficacy of wiping. InspectaSat is a black polyester knit wiper with sealed edges, saturated in ultra-pure IPA/DIW, and packaged in safe, easy-to-use, resealable packages. This product has been very well-received and widely appreciated by contamination control professionals.

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Concurrently, Teknipure manufactures blue microfiber mops for cleaning of floors, walls, and ceilings, offering better visibility of functionality due to the dark color of the mop.

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Teknipure Announces New Investments to Accelerate Growth

We are pleased to announce that Randy Kates & Jeff Chandler will be joining the team at Teknipure to expand our critical cleaning business and to accelerate growth with our strategic customers. “We have built our business on the foundation of delivering innovative, customer task-engineered critical cleaning solutions to our customers in aerospace, bio-pharma, and the advanced manufacturing market,” said Chris Heiland, President of Teknipure, “And the addition of these industry veterans to our leadership team will further strengthen our relationships in key markets and grow our channel partners’ business as well.”

Randy Kates is joining Teknipure as Vice President – Strategy, from his current position with Inverness Graham as a Board Member and Executive Advisor. Randy is a seasoned global business leader & brand builder in PPE and cleanroom production environments, and he was previously the Managing Director for Kimberly-Clark’s Life Science & Cleanroom Personal Protection Equipment business.

Randy brings deep relationships with our channel partners, broad understanding of our customers’ needs, and a passion for delivering customer-focused innovation to unlock growth.

Jeff Chandler joins Teknipure as the new Western Region Sales Manager, responsible for strategic customer & market development, accelerating growth of our innovative solutions, and building the capability of our distributor sales professionals.

Jeff brings a wealth of cleanroom & contamination control knowledge to Teknipure, with award winning customer and leadership experiences in personal protective equipment, critical wiping solutions, and cleaning & disinfection systems in North America, Mexico, and Latin America.

Additionally, his deep knowledge of the western region marketplace will enable him to make a positive difference with our current & future customers.


In addition to building our team, we are pleased to announce the expansion of our USA Cleanroom operations in Arizona. The global COVID-19 outbreak has heightened the need for a more flexible supply chain with domestic operations of critical production consumables. We began our capacity expansion in the fourth quarter of 2020, and now have doubled our domestic cleanroom production on both our Pre-Saturated Wiper and Sterile Saturated products. Our expanded facility is ISO-9001:2015, and we specialize in delivering custom wiping solutions to the aerospace, bio-pharma, and advanced manufacturing markets.

The 1.3 Million Cubic Feet Cleanroom 

Outside of your work environment, you may have noticed a small cleanroom in places like a compounding pharmacy, electronics repair shop, or medical facility. Generally speaking, one might think maintaining the “clean” in cleanrooms of that size would be easier, and in some respects it is. But what if the cleanroom is the largest in the world? And at NASA?

Greenbelt, Maryland is home to the Goddard Space Flight Center, and also the biggest ISO 7 cleanroom on Earth. The High Bay Cleanroom, as it is called, houses the Spacecraft Systems Development and Integration Facility (SSDIF), and covers about the same floor space as 3 basketball courts in both width and length, and a height of about 8 stories. To be more exact, it measures 125 feet by 120 feet and about 86 feet high – 1.3 million cubic feet to keep clean, from floor to ceiling and everything in between. The Hubble Telescope was, and the next generation James Webb Space Telescope is, being engineered here.

If you want to gain entry – assuming you have the appropriate clearances and identification, of course – you’ll need to go through a process 3 rooms long. First is the gowning room, where a super sticky mat greets the bottom of your shoes to remove any loose dirt, a manually engaged shoe cleaning brush is next, followed by you donning a stylish hair net and shoe booties. Behind the second door is the air shower, where over a dozen nozzles blow any particles off of you. It sounds like hurricane winds or the dryers in an automatic car wash much more than its pleasant-sounding name might suggest. Lastly, it’s time for you to get gowned up. You’ll retrieved a few sealed packages that together make up the all-too-familiar “bunny suit” – hood, coveralls, and boots – but be sure you swing your legs over to the “clean side” before stepping a booted foot onto the floor again. Slip on gloves, tape the wrists, and mask your face, and you’re ready to enter the world’s largest cleanroom! Once inside, you’ll certainly take note of the almost 100 feet tall literal wall of HEPA filters, each designed to last 50 years before needing to be changed. All the air within the cleanroom passes through those filters. The higher pressure within ensures air and any particles rush out (not in) when deliveries are made, so when the bay door opens, you’ll notice the difference.  There is also an observation deck to look in on the cleanroom in case you’d prefer to just watch.

When asked about obsessing over contamination possibilities, SSDIF Lab Manager Yingrui Huang explains:

“Well, the short answer is that we do. We test constantly. We have live monitoring in the room for particles, temperature, relative humidity, corrosion and molecular contamination. We have interconnected sensors throughout the cleanroom which send results to our operation and engineering teams. We have three stages of filtration for all of our air, as opposed to the typical one. Engineering control features allow us to basically control temperature and relative humidity to within one degree over eight stories. In a corporate office building, this range is usually around at least 10 degrees. We are confident that the room is clean because of the original design goal was to preserve this room for as long as possible. Engineering features were built in that did the job three times as well as expected. A lot of the credit is due to the original designers of the room.”

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), the current project occupying The High Bay Cleanroom, is proposed to launch later this year. In addition to assembling the device and storing its numerous mirrors, the Goddard Space Environment Simulator is there, and was used to run cryo-tests on the JWST to be sure it will operate properly and survive down to 42 Kelvin and even below. NASA doesn’t want to find out when the telescope is one million miles away that the extreme cold in space doesn’t agree with it!

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