TekniMask is a 3-layer pleated facemask which provides 99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency, and is ultra-clean with ultra-low particles and fibers.
TekniMasks are constructed with a propriety blend of both nonwoven and melt-blown polypropylene layers with ear-loops, bands, or ties. They provide excellent operator comfort and reduced contamination. TekniMasks are odor free, and they are cleaner and better performing alternative to non-woven polypropylene masks. Our TekniMasks are Class 10 compatible.

Standard Features

  • Configured with non-woven (ES) filter element /meltblown (MBPP)outer layers
  • Very low particle and fiber release and no shedding
  • Full coverage with comfort and 7” x 3.5” OP ear-loops
  • High bacterial filtration efficiency of 99.9%
  • Manufactured and packaged in cleanroom environment
  • Solvent-safe double bag cleanroom packaging
  • Ultra-low lint level which is suitable for Class 10+ environments


  • Superior for use in electronic, aerospace, medical device, or other contamination sensitive industries
  • Provides comfortable and effective filtration barrier between operator and environment to minimize risk

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