TekniMop CR  Mops

Teknimop CR is an excellent choice for controlled environment cleaning of floors, walls, & ceilings. Best performance is provided by combining the “pick-up” of microfiber, absorbency of foam, & strength of polyester. Lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use on all surfaces; best performance at economical costs. The robust design allows for effective washing and re-use, as protocols allow. This Microfiber Cleaning Surface/Polyester Support mop is most suitable for surface cleaning (smooth or textured), floors, walls, ceilings, and hoods.

TekniClean wipers are available in a variety of material substrates and cleaning processes, and they are constructed of knit polyester and 2-ply quilted polyester in various weights, a selection of edge types, and various washing recipes to meet all ranges of applications. Each wiper substrate is available with ultrasonic sealed borders and edges, ultrasonic sealed edges, or laser sealed edges with applicable stepped specification levels.

  • Ultrasonic sealed border wipers (TC3PB) are subjected to our most rigorous washing and border sealing process for applications requiring maximum particle and fiber retention. The cleanest and best performing choice for your most critical tasks. Lowest levels of particles, fibers, IONs and NVRs for your most critical cleaning needs. Maximum cleanliness and fiber control for ISO 3 – 4 environments.
  • Ultrasonic sealed edge wipers (TC2PU) are exceptionally clean and our most common critical task wiper. These wipes provide optimum cleanliness, performance and value in critical surface cleaning. Soft sealed edges retain all fiber in scratch sensitive applications. Available in many sizes and configurations. Ideal for ISO 4-6 environments.
  • Laser sealed edge wipers (TC2PL & TC1PS) are very low particle and fiber release with abrasion resistant fabric. This product family is intended for high-volume and large size applications. An excellent choice for lint-free cleaning or wrapping of controlled surfaces in ISO 5-7 environments.

Common Composition & Attributes

  • Ultra Low Particle, Fiber NVR & ION Levels
  • Class 100 Cleanroom laundered for your critical janitorial needs
  • Robust design allows for snag-free use, lint free performance, & best “pick-up”
  • Compatible with most solvents & cleaning solutions
  • Complete offering of easy to use & effective hardware configurations


  • Hi liquid holding capacity facilitates surface exposure & easy use
  • Excellent surface area for best contact and removal of contaminants
  • Compatible with ISO Class 4-7 (Class 10-10000) environments
  • Available Sterile for Aseptic Environments; Cobalt 60 Gamma Irradiation

TekniMop CR Mops

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