TekniPro Nitrile Gloves

TekniPro Nitrile Gloves were designed for critical applications where cleanliness, consistency, and quality are vital to your products, operators,
and bottom line. The features and performance of our TekniPro Nitrile Gloves make them the glove of choice for the most demanding applications.

Standard Features

  • Powder-Free, Double Chlorinated
  • Cleanroom Laundered; 1, 2, or 3 times pending style
  • Ultra-Low Particle’s, NVR’s, ION’s
  • Free of Silicone, Amide or DOP
  • SPC / lot-to-lot traceability and control
  • Certificate of Conformance per lot, full IEST 4.3 Tests via In-house lab
  • Puncture resistant for operator & product protection
  • Supple feel and micro-textured finger tips ensure tactile sensitivity and grip
  • ESD safe for static sensitive products and environments
  • Contains no natural rubber (Latex)
  • Solvent-safe double bag package
  • Cleanroom Inspected and Packaged in clean poly bags
  • Full size range of Extra-Small through
  • Extra Large, for best fit

TekniPro Nitrile Glove Selection