Teknipure Microfiber Wiping Solutions

TekniPure Microfiber Wipers

Teknipure Microfiber Wipers provide best ability to capture and hold (“pick-up”) contamination in critical cleaning applications which require pristine surfaces, and where scrap is not an option. Our unique wedge like yarn structure effectively traps all micro-contamination.

Even though conventional fabrics provide acceptable results in intrinsic cleaning, they are not effective in extrinsic contaminant removal. Conventional fabrics may shed fibers when pressure is applied while cleaning surfaces; which results in the wiper actually contaminating the surface is it supposed to clean. Teknipure microfiber resists abrasion and retains all fiber without the costly shedding.

We offer a family of microfiber fabrics with best intrinsic and extrinsic performance to tackle your most difficult surface cleaning applications in aerospace, optics, HDD, micro-electronics, and medical device manufacturing.

We make knit, woven, and non-woven microfiber products that are safe for all ranges of controlled environments. We offer our microfiber dry, pre-saturated, and sterile; as well as in other product configurations such as swabs and mops.

Standard Features

  • Tightly knit and pre-shrunk
  • Polyester and nylon fiber
  • Ultra-low particle and fiber generation
  • Ultrasonic sealed edges or borders for best fiber & particle retention
  • Free of silicon, amides, and DOP contamination
  • Solvent-safe double-bag cleanroom packaging
  • Super soft for scratch sensitive surfaces
  • Resists abrasion when used on rough surfaces
  • Works well with IPA and other cleaning solvents (available pre-wet)
  • Sterile available for aseptic applications
  • Certificate of Conformance with lot traceability for each lot


  • Selections compatible with all grades of controlled
  • Available pre-wet and sterile
  • Cleanroom laundered and packaged
  • Ideal for removing oil-based contamination (100% removal)
  • Works well for process cleaning; ultra-pure substrate /
    best performance
  • Soft texture will not scratch sensitive surfaces when force is applied
  • Removes difficult particle and excellent abrasion resistance
  • Ideal product choice for any critical process requiring best-yield protection
  • Recommended for optical, LCD, and hard disk drive cleaning
  • Compatible with ISO Class 4-7 (Class 10-10,000) environments

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