Non-woven Microfiber Wipes for all Controlled Environments

Products used for critical surface cleaning (wipers) in cleanrooms and controlled environments require extreme intrinsic cleanliness in order to not inversely contaminate the room or surface they are applied.

Traditionally, synthetic polyester knit wipes with sealed edges and cleanroom laundering have been the accepted standard for most applications under International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 6 / Class 1000. These products can be produced and laundered to be ultra-clean and pure with continuous filaments and construction, which maximizes abrasion resistance without fiber loss. Effective laundering with Deionized Water results in ultra-low particle, fiber and contaminant levels.

However, the other attribute required for effective critical surface cleaning is the extrinsic performance; in which polyester knit has many disadvantages as an effective wiper. These wipes are Hydrophobic (repel water) and yet many applications require Hydrophylic (water absorbing) properties.

The typical polyester filament size of 80-100 microns is too large to effectively remove small or stubborn contaminant, and thus slides over the surface without entrapment. Oftentimes smearing and haze can result with wet cleaning, and typically many are used wastefully to absorb a small amount of liquid. Additionally, synthetic knit wipers are a highly insulative material and can tribocharge in excess of 10,000/Volts.

This is a major concern in many applications and would result in significant damages if not used pre-wet; polyester knit wipes are not electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe without additional chemicals or carbon added. While there are many effective applications for polyester knit wipes, many users would switch if given an alternative.

Teknipure has introduced nonwoven microfiber to replace your polyester knit wipes! These wipes are a blend of microfilament polyester and nylon, with a proprietary fiber splitting process, resulting in maximum surface area and best pick up with no fiber loss. This substrate provides excellent cleanliness, durability, improved cleaning results, ESD compliance, and high absorbency of water and oil-based fluids. This wiper is available cleanroom laundered, pre-saturated, and with sealed edges or borders for maximum fiber retention. Now, you can use TekniZorb non-woven microfiber in any controlled environment (ISO 3-7) and watch your cleaning yields improve.

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In the coming weeks and months, we will share more with you about our capability, capacity, and more pictures and videos. If you are interested in taking a tour of our new facility, we will be delighted to have you – Just let us know!

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