Unprecedented Demand

Thanks to our valued and greatly appreciated customers, over the last several years, Teknipure has enjoyed growth and success in the critical contamination control industry. To support our continued growth, we have been expanding our team and production capabilities.

As we’re sure you can imagine, the spread of COVID-19 throughout worldwide communities and facilities has resulted in our products experiencing unprecedented growth in demand. Our TekniSat & TekniMop cleaning products kill this virus and many others while also effectively removing it from the applied surface. Clients are cleaning more surfaces and much more frequently, and we expect this behavior to continue. Our saturated products are Made in the USA, which has always been important to us, and has become increasingly valuable and attractive to our customers. We have implemented new procedures to help protect our team and facility from contamination, so we can continue to maintain our high level of production and product safety. Fortunately, we have always had many contamination prevention procedures in place similar to those newly adopted by others. Alas, Teknipure has plenty of high quality, effective wet wipes to equip our customers for the intensive, ramped up cleaning needs at this time, while other suppliers are reporting scarcity!

​Some other products we offer are more PPE in nature, like our Teknipro gloves and TekniMask, which have also experienced significant growth in stocking and usage with our clients (both those from before COVID-19, and new ones who sought us out for cleanroom products during this pandemic).
Teknipure is taking all possible measures to expand our capacity and best support the vast increases in customer demand. We are quite busy in all facets of our operation, and are working especially hard at this critical time to ensure all customers experience continued supply and availability of these critical cleaning and operator protection products.

Temporarily, our lead times have grown, but we continue to ship finished product and are expediting open production orders. In all product categories, we have new inventory replenishment arriving throughout this month and scheduled into the future, and in the very early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, we set in motion a plan to be able to get ahead of this wave very soon.

Teknipure greatly values our clients and their support, and we intend to continue investing in our operations to improve and expand our performance for you. Be safe and please be sure to follow the recommendations in place nationally, and from your state and local authorities as well. Surface cleanliness and personal protection are the top concerns for the foreseeable future, and providing top quality and highly effective products to aid in these priorities is paramount to us.

Scarcity of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is currently scarce, but also needed as never before. Gloves, gowns, facemasks, and shields are all necessities in a healthcare setting, and the massive amounts currently needed of each item has caused a global shortage. Who could have imagined that hospitals would ever be in a situation of fighting a very contagious viral infection without the appropriate protective wear to ensure their own safety?

These items are barriers needed between infectious materials (and other contaminants) that could touch your skin or be inhaled through the mouth or nose. During this pandemic, healthcare providers count on PPE daily so they can remain healthy enough to take care of the people who are sick. There is also a need for some of these protective items for people that have underlying health concerns or immunodeficiency to also block transmission.

In our industry, products are manufactured to better support & protect many industries including healthcare, medical device, micro-electronics, and aerospace (just to name a few). We are equipping them with the decontaminate consumables that target contaminants and cross-contamination in many different ways. Even our team suits up in the appropriate protective gear to produce these items in an ISO 5 cleanroom setting to ensure the best possible cleaning solutions.

On an incredibly large scale, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is responsible for making very specific recommendations when circumstances call for infectious control, and it is difficult to implement and manage if we are not fully prepared to provide protective equipment at a time like now, when it is needed the most. The Food & Drug Authority (FDA) also has a number of regulations and mandates that are followed to make sure the PPE used for medical purposes meets certain standards. Most of that equipment will be tested before arriving in the United States, but at the very least, it will be verified as authentic before being distributed. Once in our company’s possession, we are using this protective equipment to ensure proper manufacturing in a cleanroom setting to produce crucial cleaning essentials.

It is a critical yet difficult process currently to acquire protective gear, and therefore vital that we maintain a substantial stock on hand in all aspects. Fortunately, our business was prepared well in advance, which allows us to continue to “gown up” in the proper attire to meet our cleanroom standards. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for some other companies and industries, and they are experiencing the pinch and uncertainty of minimal availability and increased cost. COVID-19 and other virus concerns will forever elevate the need for personal protective equipment & proper, frequent, and thorough cleaning.

Dr. Peter Tsai – The Man Behind the N95 Mask

Dr. Peter Tsai doesn’t strive to be a household name, but rest assured you do know about his life-saving work. As a materials science professor, he has kept a low profile throughout his career and rarely discusses his inventions. The unassuming, recently retired research faculty member of the University of Tennessee Material Sciences Department is the architect behind the essential technology used in N95 respirators. Thanks to the tenacious and dedicated researchers such as Peter, we have an elevated level of protection in the battle against COVID-19.

In 1995, the world-renowned expert received the U.S. patent for the electrostatic charging of nonwoven fabrics technology – the critical component in the N95 respirator. These masks are required by OSHA when working in dusty environments to remove at least 95% of submicron particles. They have an impressive track record protecting against SARS, bird and swine flu, and other airborne diseases.

Peter’s novel method uses an electric field to ionize the neutral air to generate ions and electrons, which then charge the nonwoven fibers through field and induction. As a result, the charged nonwoven fabric can filter particles in the air ten times more efficiently than uncharged materials without adversely increasing the air resistance. In addition to respirators, Peter’s technology has been widely used by industries in products such as HVAC filters and medical face masks.

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