Outsmarting Supply Interruption

If what you need to keep your facility open is not available for a sustained period, all bets are off the table. Since our customers work under strict regulations and guidelines, much as we do for our manufacturing and production processes, we understand quite well the importance of crucial supplies being ready and waiting for you – not you waiting for them.

In this era of COVID-19 – current and soon-to-be post – many facilities in industries like critical healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device, micro-electronics, and aerospace have been forced to make supply changes to ensure continuity. To further this effort, over the last 12 months, alternate products and manufacturers have been evaluated and approved post-haste.

The pandemic being a case in point: It is always valuable and smart business to have back-up options. Back in the spring of 2020, we saw into the future, and knew certain components we need to produce the Teknipure catalog could possibly have an interrupted supply and delayed shipments, so we took immediate action. Our experience in the industry made us less vulnerable to the resource disruptions that many of our competitors are still struggling through (almost a year later). If you aren’t currently stocking your cleanroom with our product lines, we invite you to see what we have to offer, and perhaps you’ll put our experience and quality offerings to work for you

Procurement of Critical Production Supplies

The procurement of critical production supplies is a robust process and risk averse, focused on the assurance of continued product quality and supply. Agreements are established, as well as pricing, terms, and the level of support required, and multiple safeguards are put into place. Oftentimes, manufacturing companies single-source one vendor and product per category to ensure consistency. All that changed with COVID-19 in 2020.

Unprecedented demand of pre-saturated wipes (sanitizing wipes and disinfectant wipes), and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), including garments, masks, and gloves, exceeded global supply in a time of highest need. In fact, it was the highest need probably any of us will see in our lifetimes (barring another pandemic of similar scale). Imagine… we even ran out of toilet paper! People were forced to scramble to secure otherwise common goods that we were used to seeing fill the shelves at our local stores and favorite online retailers. In the manufacturing marketplace, where production up-time is critical, buying behaviors and protocols were forced to be re-evaluated and changed quickly to ensure continued supply of these precious consumables to keep their employees healthy and factories online.

Many companies purchased 6 months to a year’s worth of supply of goods, which under normal circumstances had typically been replenished weekly, to help ensure supply and avoid panic. This further escalated the supply crisis, due to the new, larger, one-time volume purchases to support the global manufacturing and distribution networks. Once-reliant suppliers became unable to supply at required dates for sustained periods, and predetermined costs were not honored either.

During the last 12 months, Teknipure has invested in our domestic manufacturing and increased production three-fold to meet surging demand for our front-line protection products. We have become that qualified alternate and surpassed the primary supplier in most cases. We are confident that our service, quality, and stability will preserve primary status with our growing customers as we continue to develop new cost-effective, readily-available critical cleaning solutions. Protect yourself and ensure your production and product integrity – visit our Teknipure website products page for your critical cleaning supply needs.

Crafting the Perfect Pre-Saturated Wiper

Pre-saturated wipes have become a widespread staple product-of-usage – at home and at work, to preserve and protect. We will address those used professionally, but similar needs are in high demand personally as well. It is safe to say that the demand in “ready-to-use” pre-saturated cleaning consumables has skyrocketed over the last year and will continue post-COVID-19, but aside from the convenience of their use, do we ever stop to consider what is behind the development and production of these products, or the differentiation amongst them?

The detailed research that goes into perfecting each individual wiper goes beyond individual cleaning applications, and falls into the performance-based category. It is actually an applied science that designs multiple fiber and construction combinations to develop the best possible cleaning solution for different applications without leaving any residue, contaminant, or virus behind. Teknipure works endlessly to innovate top-level cleaning products that not only clean various surfaces, but also kill any bacteria or contaminants while removing them. The way that the fibers are bound creates the best absorbency features and ensures that any remnants attach to the wiper are not released during the cleaning process.

Although using dry products and selected disinfectants or sanitizers is also an option, having a product manufactured with the exact balance of Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and ultra-pure DIW/WFI water proposes a sure concentration to complete the highest level of cleanliness, and assuredness of result. The concentration of the IPA blend varies upon the intended use: for example, medical applications would require the surface to be sanitized and then disinfected, while advanced manufacturing users would have a milder dilution of a sanitizer to assure cleanliness. It is crucial to understand every application’s individual requirements as well as the abrasiveness of the surfaces for best product selection. Aside from the fluid selected, the wiper substrate (base-sheet) selection will significantly impact performance. A wide range of choices, as we offer at Teknipure, provides the best platform of product selection when your application(s) are considered.

Convenient, safe, properly labeled, and sealed packaging is more important than ever. There are many types of dispensing methodologies, each with inherent weaknesses and strengths. At Teknipure, we offer a wide range of approved ergonomic and regulatory-compliant packaging, to ensure best product integrity, storage, and ease of use.

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