New Revolutionary Non-Woven Wipers for Critical Applications

Teknipure developed, and is now introducing a new wiper that will revolutionize critical environment cleaning. For decades, cleanroom operators were disappointed with the selection of approved wiper materials. Typically, most critical applications require the use of laundered polyester textiles due to the demanding intrinsic cleanliness requirements of the environment intended for use.

Polyester knit wipes have been a staple in the industry, and will continue to be the best choice for many applications.

However, while this material can be produced and processed to be very clean, it has inherent extrinsic performance drawbacks. Often times, the polyester knit wipes required for use do not perform to expectations. Polyester fiber is adsorbent (repels water), has the potential to scratch delicate surfaces, tends to streak when wet, and can build up to 10,000V in tribo-charging (insulative material) when not wet.

Many users have struggled with these limitations, but had no other viable options without the risk of contaminating the surface or room of use. There is now an improved alternative for many of these critical cleaning tasks.

As an innovator in new materials and clean processing, Teknipure successfully introduced several new substrates that solve legacy wiper challenges. One of these products is our non-woven microfiber (TZ1MF) substrate used in controlled environment cleaning, which out-performs (or surpasses) cellulose and polyester non-wovens with improved durability, cleaning performance, and reduced fiber loss. We have taken the development of this product a step further and we now offer it laundered.

That’s right, Teknipure is now offering the first cleanroom laundered non-woven microfiber wiper! What does this mean? It is now the first non-woven wiper that can be used for critical cleaning applications without fiber loss, has high absorbency, and great for use wet or dry (wet or dry what? Surfaces?). These wipers provide excellent intrinsic cleanliness and the extrinsic cleaning performance of microfiber, offered at attractive pricing to facilitate your evaluation and wiper change. These new wipers also have ultrasonic sealed edges (TZ2MFU1) or borders (TZ3MFB1) and are available in common sizes; dry or pre-wet.

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Coming Soon: More Choices in Sterile Wipers

Our product development team is hard at work developing more innovative products for you! One set of such new products, we will announce soon, are new sterile wipers with the following exciting features:

  • Synthetic textiles
  • Non-woven
  • Pre-wet
  • Validated by Sterigenics International

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New Facility Update

The new facility is moving right along. Renovations are complete, and the new showcase cleanroom is almost ready!

Our administrative staff, including customer service have moved in, the new warehouse is fully operational, and by the end of this month the move will be completely done.

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