Off to a Great Start!

It’s the beginning of a new year and we’ve hit the ground running! With all the improvements we made to our facility and operations, we are now focusing on our support of our partners – our distributors.

The article below details how much we value our strategic partners, and what we do to support their efforts. An example of one such effort is sponsorship of a national sales meeting with a leading distributor, as a VIP Partner, earlier this month. At that gathering we had the opportunity to show the entire salesforce our extensive line of products and answer all their questions.

Not only was it great to meet everyone in person, it was also a lot of fun spending so much time with a strategic partner.

If you are a distributor and your company is holding a conference or training session for your team, we will be delighted to join you and help. Our vast knowledge and decades of experience in the controlled environment contamination solutions industry, makes us the premier manufacturer and partner you can count on!

Distributors are Valued Partners

We have long realized that it’s not just about simply selling our products to distributors. It’s a package deal and the valued partnership doesn’t stop when the product leaves our floor. The most rewarding thing any company can do is help their employees and distributors succeed and that’s our goal.

Distributors of our products work with customers in technical fields such as medical facilities, pharmaceutical companies, microelectronics, optical, flat panel manufacturers, aerospace and defense contractors, auto makers, and more. Many of them must abide by strict practices such as ISO 14644 and others, for which our procedures (IEST 4.3), documentation, and consistency provide traceability and control.

Buyers of cleanroom products are risk averse. There’s a lot at stake including lives (consider the infection-sensitive drug compounding room). It’s safe to say we value our trusted distribution partners. Supporting loyal partners who have worked diligently to garner trust and loyalty in their industry is a top priority.

When it comes to the sale of tightly-controlled, high-standard commodities in a high-volume market, we strive to provide streamlined support to enhance the customer experience. It’s a win-win relationship. The professional relationships developed by our distributors increases sales and provides mutual profits.

It’s a fact, the most successful salespeople in the world don’t come across as salespeople at all. Instead, they must present themselves as experts in their industry who can solve key challenges for their potential prospects. The prospects you are selling to are some of the most discriminating and educated out there.

We know confidence and preparation is first and foremost. Teknipure’s on staff experts are here to help you through every step of the process of turning your prospects into customers. Let our expertise and support assist you in becoming informed experts, armed with our knowledge and best practices, giving you the tools to answer every question posed by a potential customer and maybe even offer some pointers along the way.

Selective customers at this level naturally have higher demands. Our wide variety of quality products and competitive pricing structure offer our distributors the maximum advantage possible in acquiring new customers. Supplying our marketing tools including Product Catalogs, Product Flyers, a Wiper & Mop Selection Binder, Swab Selection Binder, Cross Reference Guides, Free Samples and Technical Data Sheets, and Sales Binder, gives decision makers the information needed to make a confident decision.

In the competitive market of technology companies, once a sale is secured timeliness is key! Timely deliveries are crucial to how customers view your reliability. Over 90 percent of orders are shipped from stock, ensuring a quick and efficient turnaround.

Distributors provide end user intelligence, application information, product selection and support, and local inventory. We realize that building a partnership at this level takes extra effort, yet the end results are well worth it. We value our partnership with all our distribution partners as you are the face of our product!

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