TekniMop Product Development 

Teknipure has been busy expanding this important product line to provide new diverse options and best performing products to support your critical ISO 3-7 applications.

In recent years there has been much more focus on the efficacy of surface cleaning with mops. Historically, clients mopped floors with string mops; limited in scope, performance and results.  However, today there are many more options and types for cleaning all types of surfaces. Technological advancements have proliferated many new materials and configurations resulting in improved performance of controlled environment mopping systems.

There are many factors involved with the selection of a mopping system. Some of these include; ISO classification, approved materials specification, size of area to be mopped, surface type/texture, cleaning fluid selection, size & type of contaminant to be removed, and re-usable (for use with buckets) vs. disposable (bucket-less).

Teknipure manufactures many types of flat mopping systems to address each of these scenarios. The Teknimop product line includes non-woven, woven, & knit mops, dry & pre-saturated, sterile & non-sterile in a variety of fabrics; with a full range of easy to use hardware to accomplish your tasks quickly & consistently.

Recently, we introduced our Micro-mop (TM-QP258) for cleaning isolator hoods and small surfaces. Fabricated with quilted polyester it is very absorbent, abrasion resistant, and provided excellent cleaning results. Hardware features are rigid SS frame and telescopic 2’-3’ Aluminum handle.

We offer our non-woven mop (TM-516V) as a single use disposable mophead, for ISO 5-7 environments. Economically priced with excellent results, all lot traceable.  Lint free surface and edge, utilizes hook & loop direct attachment. Non-quaternary depleting and compatible with any disinfectant or solvent, covering >200sq’ each pad. Now stocking hardware to include a 316SS version (TM-516V-SS) for repeatable long term autoclavability. We also offer a dispensing set (TM-516V-2) for ease of use, and standard handle and frame (TM-516V-1) for general economical use.

Our knit microfiber flat mop (TM-MFPK-516P) features a silky but abrasion resistant surface intended for cleaning surfaces in ISO 3-5 environments, with 9 log contaminant reduction upon use. It is ideally used on smooth surfaces to pick up micro-contamination (total bio-burdens), and utilizes standard size collapsible pocket-mop hardware, at very economical costs of use.

Our woven microfiber mops (TM-MFP-516P, TM-MFPB-516P) for single or limited use (re-usable) in cleaning ISO 3-5 environments. These mops provide excellent contaminant

pick-up and durability when used on textured or smooth surfaces (floors, walls, ceilings). Our unique substrate channels contaminant size attraction and hold on the surface. You will see the difference after use. We manufacture these as pocket mops in standard dimensions of 5” x 16”. The extensive surface area of the mop attracts and holds a hi volume of contaminants ranging from sub-micron to large bulk debris.

Each of these mops is available as pre-saturated with 6% or 9% IPA and WFI for easy, immediate, and consistent performance.

We manufacture a range of extendable handles to cover many applications, including 4’-6’, 8-12’ & 14-20’ to cover hi bay ceilings and walls.

Recently, we introduced our TekniCart to complete the offering. This cart is Stainless Steel and features all welded & polished construction, with 2 tanks (one for clean fluid, the other dirty), and an easy to use foot wringer. Intended to last the life of your facility, this robust and easy to use cart helps facilitate procedural compliance and best efficacy in cleaning results.

We stock Class 100 micro-denier mop covers and pads for 8”x15” with elastic edge as dry or pre-wet and ready for use (TM-RMC815-MD & TM-RMCI06Z-MD).

We have diverse manufacturing capabilities to engineer and produce standard and custom products in a diverse range of materials. We are known for solving contamination, and supply challenges, with great service and being your favored supplier.

Contact Teknipure or your local distributor for information or samples on these Teknimop products. You will see the difference!

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When surgeon Joseph Lister died in 1912 at the age of 84, he left behind a lasting legacy, the drastic reduction in the mortality of surgical patients due to infections.

The innovative surgeon spearheaded the use of antiseptic medicine which made the odds of successfully recovering from surgery much greater. Before the late 1800s, a patient could undergo a procedure successfully only to die from a postoperative infection known as ‘ward fever’.

According to statistics collected by Lister, the decrease went from almost 50% of those operated on to only 15%. Although other pioneers were working on the same ideas, there is no doubt that the British doctor has gone down in history as the father of antiseptic surgery.

Even though he did not participate in its invention nor benefit from it, nowadays, millions of people honor him every day without knowing it by rinsing their mouths with a mouthwash named in his honor, Listerine!

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