Not All Swabs Are Created Equal!

When you need to clean hard to reach surfaces, you use swabs. And when it comes to swabs, you have many choices on the market. How do you select the right one that meets your needs?

At first glance, all swabs look the same: They all have a small head mounted on a handle. However, the material of the cleaning head is made of, the type of handle, and the production process, vary dramatically among the various swabs on the market and the different companies that make them.

Teknipure carries four different types of swabs: FMD (Foam Micro-Danier), P (Polyester), F (Polyurethane Foam), and MW (Microfiber Woven). Even though they are all manufactured and tested to meet the most stringent specifications, each one was designed with a certain application in mind.

Our Woven Microfiber swab is a mixed weave that features our textured microfiber for best “pick-up” of oils and small dry contaminants. It is constructed with double-layers of microfiber and polyester fabric. This swab is the ideal swab to effectively eliminate or quantify contamination on surfaces.

Like our entire family of TekniSwab products, the Woven Microfiber swab comes with the following standard features:

  • Ultra-low particle fiber, NVR, and Ion levels
  • Free of silicon, amides, and DOP contamination
  • Double-layer head material with strong adhesion
  • High solvent capacity and non-abrasive tip with best pick-up
  • Compatible with most common solvents
  • Class 10/ISO 4 laundered and packaged per SPC
  • Free of organic contaminants such as silicone, amide, and phthalate esters

Lastly, when choosing your swabs, make sure you pick the ones made by a company that stands behind its products, and is there to answer questions when you have them.

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Christopher Heiland

Breaking Records and Breaking Ground!

Teknipure is continuing to grow, and it is all thanks to you – our customers. In fact, we have just closed the best quarter in the company’s sales history! We appreciate your loyalty, and as always, we promise to be the best contamination control manufacturer.

Last month we shared with you our plan to move into a new facility. Well, the hammers are swinging and the drills are buzzing already. We have started remolding and customizing the new state-of-the-art facility. In a few short months, we will start moving production and customer service to the new place, which will allow us to keep up with the increasing demand for contamination control solutions.

Teknipure is also busy interviewing and hiring more employees to expand our staff and to fill open positions. We will keep you informed of the progress in the new building, and we will share more pictures with you very

We’re Proud to Support American Rivers

Teknipure has always been concerned with the environment, and we take environmental responsibility very seriously. Our manufacturing process reduces the use of water and power, and emphasizes lowering landfill footprint. The products themselves also improve our customers’ production yields by reducing contamination, which in return reduces waste, scrap, and cost.

Teknipure is also a Donating Member of American Rivers. American Rivers is a wonderful organization with a mission to achieve a nation of clean, healthy rivers that sustain and connect us. American Rivers protects wild rivers, restores damaged rivers, and conserves clean water for people and nature.

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