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For almost a decade, we have been responding to market needs by inventing, developing, and supplying cleanroom contamination control products that are manufactured according to the most stringent standards. One of our most recent products is TekniMop, a flat microfiber mop, like no other mop on the market today!TekniMop Microfiber flat mops are an excellent choice for controlled environment cleaning of floors, walls, and ceilings. Their excellent performance is due to the combination of the “pick-up” of Microfiber, and the absorbency of no-woven inner layer. Our TekniMop Microfiber flat mops are lightweight, ergonomic, and easy-to-use on all surfaces; and provide best performance at economical costs. They are compatible with most solvents and cleaning solutions, and they are Class 10 laundered and packaged. To see more specifications, scroll to the bottom of this newsletter.

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Christopher Heiland

Specifications of the New Flat TekniMop

Composition & Attributes:

  • Ultra-Low Particle, Fiber, & Non-Volatile Residue
  • Ultrasonic & Stitched edges provide durability & cleanliness
  • Microfiber Structure with Non-Woven Inner Layer
  • Cleanroom laundered for your critical janitorial needs
  • Fleece bands to hold bulk contamination, Micro-pockets for best holding capacity


  • Surface cleaning (smooth or textured) floors and walls
  • Hi liquid holding capacity & solvent compatibility assure exposure & easy use
  • Best contaminant removal with ease of use and GMP compliance
  • Excellent surface area for best contact & removal of wide range of contaminants
  • Compatible with ISO Class 4-7 (Class 10-10000) environments
  • Available Sterile for Aseptic Environments; Cobalt 60 Gamma Irradiation

Product Numbers & Description

  • TM-MFD-516: TekniMop, Microfiber, 5″ x 16″
  • TM-MFD-516S: Sterile TekniMop, 5″ x 16″
  • TM-PFM-SYS: Mop Hardware Kit with SS Frame, Wringer, Plastic Handle & Double Buckets

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