Continuous Improvement

Teknipure maintains a philosophy of continuous improvement in our people, processes, and products. We recognize this as our priority in our quest to improve from good to Great!

We have been busy making advancements, adding to our team, increasing production capacity with facility upgrades, both locally and in our factories abroad (front and back end). We have improved the cleanliness of our product and reduced environmental impact. Equipment modifications and new installations are in progress on the back end of fabric making.

There are several types of intrinsic contamination removed from the fabric to prepare for final use. New horizontal washing equipment customized to our specification allows for high temperature washing of our fabric at 90-110 degrees Celsius in ultra-pure DI Water, for extended periods of time. This effectively scours the fabric, saving precious water downstream in the process. We have developed new technology at wash cycle completion which efficiently carries away particles, fibers, NVR’s, IC’s and Oligomers, resulting in Purity through Technology.

Material preparation scope and capacity have been expanded with the addition of a new redundant site and production line. Process flow considerations were utilized to provide optimum work order flow, with best ISO and GMP in mind. Recent equipment installations have doubled our fabric production and finishing capabilities to meet growing demand.

In addition, we have installed new water recovery systems which allow for re-use of 95 percent of the water used, significantly reducing demand and discharge.

As a result of our excellent pre-wash results, much less water (washing effluent) is used to achieve final cleanliness specification. After final wash, the wipes are dried (in a cleanroom) prior to packaging. We have recently upgraded our driers to be steam operated, which provided more effective drying and continued reduction of carbon-based energy demand.

Non-woven products have also benefited from new quality control equipment which help ensure 100 percent satisfaction of our finished products. Recently installed and calibrated on-line highspeed digital camera and tagging systems detect and identify any anomaly more than0.1 micron, for automatic removal upon production. While deviations are an exception, consider this an insurance policy for protection against defects.

In all, we have made marked improvements delivering effective end results. Recently, we re-validated our sterile products to document these changes and our improvements led to a 20 percent reduction in total bio-burden levels on finished products!

We thank you for your support which affords continued improvement in our offering and service to you.

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Teknipure Will Be on Display at MD&M

The biggest medtech event Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) will bring 5,500 professionals and more than 600 suppliers together on October 31-November 1, 2018 to Minneapolis, and Teknipure will be there displaying the latest and grates cleanroom innovative contamination solutions!

If you are going to be there, be sure to stop by and see us. If you have not made your plans to be there yet, we highly recommend that you do.

Have You Visited Our New Website Yet?

Recently, we launched a completely redesigned website. Our new and upgraded website is loaded with information you need, and it is much easier to navigate. Here are some of the neat things you can find on the new website:

  • Detailed information about our entire product line
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  • Easy and fast request forms for samples, Technical Data Sheets, Certificates if Conformance, and Certificates of Sterility
  • Worldwide Distributor Directory

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