Take the Cellulose out of your wiper!

There are several types of wipes, and many different materials used among countless applications. In various industrial applications paper (cellulose) makes a good wiper choice, as it is absorbent and soft. Typically, cellulose (or blended cellulose/polyester) is made via hydro-entangling millions of fibers together forming a non-woven fabric.

However, in controlled environments, cellulose is a known contamination source; not a recommended substrate for cleaning. Yet, this is common practice and users are confused by finding cellulosic contamination on product, or elsewhere in the environment.

Many end-users utilize non-woven wipes in controlled environments successfully, many do not. A common non-woven wiper choice is a hydro-entangled blend of 55% cellulose / 45% polyester. This is a good general use light task wiper (low cost, absorbent, soft, relatively clean); unfortunately, it is often used in critical tasks with negative results. In simple terms, one should not clean with a material that is known as a contaminant.

Wipes are typically used wet, yet when cellulose gets wet it breaks down, resulting in fiber loss on your surface. Poly/cel wipes have reduced wet-strength. When force or roughness is applied, there is an inherent propensity for cellulosic fibers to be left behind from the wiper.

The Cellulous fiber will be left behind on the surface applied, and upon suitable force will be lifted and relocated elsewhere. This is considered a very high cost of use when your wiper is a contamination source. Often times, it is months before this impact has been realized and/or located.

Teknipure has introduced non-woven microfiber wipes that are cellulose free! These wipes are a blend of polyester and nylon, with a proprietary fiber splitting process, resulting in maximum surface area and best pick up with no fiber loss. This substrate provides excellent durability, improved cleaning results, and high absorbency. The wiper is available laundered, pre-saturated, and with sealed edges, or borders, for maximum fiber retention. Now, you can use Teknizorb non-woven microfiber in any controlled environment (ISO 3-7) and watch your cleaning yields improve.

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