Great Things are Happening!

It is only May, but this year has already been a very exciting year at Teknipure… and more is coming. We are continuing to add product selection and options that help all those who operate clean rooms and other control environments. The quality of our products and the great customer service our team is providing, combined with the knowledge we have from being in this business for many years have propelled us forward.

Teknipure is now bigger than ever before, and we are serving customers around the globe. In fact, we have grown so much that we have to move to a larger facility to keep up with orders and our growth – watch for an announcement and pictures of our new facility coming soon.

We are also working on upgrading our website. The new and improved website will be packed with even more information, and we are going to make it easier for you to find the information you need.

Another new item we are introducing is this newsletter. We are going to send you a newsletter every month to let you know what’s new with us and the industry (read below about CETA and the 2017 ESTECH Exposition, for example). We will also let you know about the different products we are developing and manufacturing, and we will explain how they help you control contamination (see our Microfiber Wipers below).

Watch for our monthly newsletters, and let me know if you would like us to include anything in particular you might be interested in reading about.

Christopher Heiland

Teknipure is Proud to Support CETA

Last month we exhibited at the 25th Annual Controlled Environment Testing Association (CETA) Meeting at Innisbrook Resort in Tampa, FL. where attendees will have the opportunity to see and test our products. In addition, as part of the meeting’s program, Chris Heiland (president of Teknipure), will be conducting two presentations about the latest in controlled environment contamination control there.

Teknipure Exhibited at ESTECH 2017

We are also going to have a booth at the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology 2017 ESTECH Exposition last week in Louisville, Kentucky. If you were there, we hope you were able to stop at our booth and try our latest products.

Teknipure Microfiber Wipers

Teknipure Microfiber Wipers provide best ability to capture and hold (“pick-up”) contamination in critical cleaning applications which require pristine surfaces, and where scrap is not an option. Our unique wedge like yarn structure effectively traps all micro-contamination.

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