Vigilance and Perseverance Paid Off!

Over a year into the pandemic, we have become accustomed to a “new way” of living. And while not the most ideal set of circumstances, it was designed to keep us safe and healthy as much as possible. Even throughout the past year, Teknipure has made decisions in policy and process to ensure that we as a company were keeping our customers, employees, and their families as safe as possible from this virus. In adopting new practices, we are proud to say that Teknipure has been able to maintain our business without any interruptions and could not be more grateful!

Although there is some anxiety about what returning to normalcy will look like, we are also extremely excited to move in that positive direction. We must all continue taking precautions in our daily activities and workspaces, and will be using many of the practices we learned to help us continue to move forward.

We are happy to share that with less restrictions because of the vaccine, and due to the constant and courageous work of medical personnel around the globe, we are able recommence travel and spend in-person time helping our customers get the products training they need. We understand hesitation around transitioning back to living in a pre-COVID world (as much as possible) and we will offer support where we can along the way… just know that Teknipure is available to support you and your contamination needs as we move away from the pandemic “caves” and toward our common lives together!

Surging Semiconductor Industry a Key to Restarting the US & Global Economy

A Major Driver of US GDP

Over the past 20 years, the US Semiconductor Industry has declined from over 35% global market share to less than 12%, yet the current global chip shortage is poised to propel the US back into a leadership position with new investment and production expansion. Semiconductors are used to power a wide range of devices and entire industries – from smartphones to cloud servers to industrial automation to powering the automotive and defense industries. While accounting for only 0.3% of the total US manufacturing output, they directly impact over 12% of the US’s $20 trillion annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP). For example, in the automotive industry, electronics now account for 40% of the cost of a new car, and chip shortages are disrupting production and could reduce overall US auto production in 2021 by up to 6%, impacting both jobs and economic growth.

Demand Drives Record Sales & Outlook

Despite the current shortages, global semiconductor revenue grew a record 10.4% last year to $466 billion, while equipment sales surged 19%. Assembly and packaging system sales for the electronics sector grew even higher to 34%, and testing equipment sales grew 20%. There are more than 30 types of semiconductor product categories across the electronics ecosystem – and precision fabrication requires as many as 300 different inputs from raw wafers to specialty chemicals to purified bulk gases. In the US alone, the industry supports more than 180,000 workers who earn an average wage of $166,400.

Intel, TSMC, and US Incentives to Jump Start New Production

Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) has announced it will invest a total of $35 billion in US factories, with the new Arizona facility to begin construction later this year, and will create 1,600 new jobs. In April, Intel announced a $20 billion investment in Arizona that will build 2 new fabs and bring another 3,000 jobs. Not to be outdone, the US Government has taken a strategic step to onshore manufacturing including “CHIPS for America” as part of the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act, and the industry has requested up to $22 billion in funding which is estimated to stimulate the construction of up to 14 new fabs and attract $174 billion in private investment.

Partnering with Teknipure to Unlock Semiconductor Growth

We don’t think 5,000 new jobs and $30 billion in new semicon fab investments in Teknipure’s “backyard” is pure coincidence. We’re also investing big in Arizona and have increased our US cleanroom production capabilities three-fold since the 3Q of 2020, and are continuing to create new critical contamination control innovation solutions for the entire Semiconductor Ecosystem. Even in the current “virtual and remote world of business”, Teknipure continues to deliver real time support and live technical expertise! Call us today to ask about our new solutions, and to discuss how we can help you to “Unlock” this new growth together.

Cleaning Products for Retail, Banking, and C-Stores

In our ongoing effort to provide more solutions, we are now also offering critical cleaning and disinfection products for uncontrolled environments such as retails stores, banks, and C-stores, through our partner, KicTeam.To make this easy, we are introducing a new page on our website dedicated entirely to Cleaning Products for Retail, Banking & C-Stores. Please visit this page and see the selection of high-quality products offered!

Speaking of KicTeam, they are a provider of critical cleaning and disinfection solutions business focused on financial technology hardware (i.e., ATM’s), retail POS devices, and self-service terminals. Like Teknipure, KicTeam is focused on delivering customer driven innovative solutions that lower contamination risk and process failures by providing the right tool for the task at hand. They have recently launched a new website and a range of new products for safely returning employees back to work. You may want to check out the KicTeam new website here.

Visit the New Page

Spring Cleaning… 2021-Style

When COVID-19 hit the United States in 2020, it was near the time when 78% of households in this country do an in-depth, household-wide cleaning and organizing ritual we call “spring cleaning”. Suffice it to say, we all had plenty to worry about with keeping our social distances, helping our kids with schooling via technology, dealing with our own anxieties from the 24-hour news cycle and everyday uncertainties, making sure we weren’t putting ourselves at more risk for getting the novel coronavirus, and even just completing our regular daily activities that required more forethought than ever before. If 2020’s spring cleaning checklist didn’t get completed, we get it – there were more pressing issues at hand.

The following information was published on March 4, 2020, by the American Cleaning Institute (ACI), and it comes from a Wakefield Research study. As we mentioned, just over 3 out of 4 American households spring clean, and the top three most important areas are just about neck-and-neck – bedrooms, closets, and kitchens. Mold, dirt, odors, stains, or dust that might be found on windows, floors, toilets, and shelves are the main targets for deep cleaning when the weather starts to get warmer. One of the stated reasons of the 22% of United States households that don’t spring clean is they simply don’t know how to do spring cleaning.

In the past, more time and attention was needed for certain tasks on that list, but now that we’re all in the good habit of cleaning and disinfecting more surfaces and high-touch areas than ever – thanks to COVID-19 – we can dive into other projects. Below, you can find some ideas on how to update your official Spring Cleaning 2021 to-do list to reflect the new normal in which we live.

Check the products you’ve brought into your home to fight COVID-19, and see which ones can be used (and how) for spring cleaning. If you are more of a DIY-er, there are many recipes online for multi-surface cleaners, whether your interest is a simple one with just a few ingredients, or you prefer to use more natural components like castile soap, baking soda, and essential oils. Other materials for your cleaning toolkit might include dusting cloths (reusable microfiber or disposable electrostatic), sponges, brushes, devices for cleaning whatever floors your home has, trash bags, and a designated spot for donations and items to give away to family, friends, or your favorite local charity. Be sure to check with your selected charitable organization to ensure they accept the items you have gathered, as many changes have been made in that area due to COVID-19.

Once you have your favorite cleaners for the appropriate places and other supplies, it’s time to start the spring cleaning!

  1. Declutter and TidyPlace a special bin or basket in each room, and as you work, put items that belong in another room in it. This saves time and it’s easier to make one trip around the house with these belongings than it is to stop your process every time you find something that needs to go in another room. Don’t forget your donation box and trash bags too!
  2. Work Top to BottomDust and wipe surfaces and walls from the highest ones down, as opposed to lower ones first. Also, spraying your cleaner or dust remover onto your cleaning cloth will help prevent dust from kicking up off of the surface from the force of the spray. These two tips should help eliminate the need to go over areas multiple times, which can be frustrating and is less effective. Larger items like throw rugs should be taken outside and shaken out.
  3. Wash/Clean the UnusualCurtains, mattress covers, and carpets that live under furniture could use a spruce up! Whatever can go in the washing machine and dryer should, and once the mattresses are stripped and the windows are bare, it’s a great time to clean and vacuum around and under the bed area and clean the windows and their tracks. Remember to read all care labels to make sure your linens and other precious items will survive the spring cleaning.
  4. Wash/Clean the HiddenNow is a great time to pay special attention to the inside of the fridge, food storage shelves, spice cabinet, linen closet, inside cupboards, and similar usually-hidden-from-view places in your home. Don’t forget the laundry room and under sinks!
  5. Floors Are LastWith all that done, the floors are up next! Depending on your flooring, sweep, vacuum, and mop throughout the house to really finish in style. Dust bunnies and dirt like to hide in vents, registers, and behind and under furniture.

Our in-house produced products have been trusted in cleanrooms and other controlled environments, and the knowledge we have gained over decades in the industry can be applied to your Spring Cleaning 2021. With some planning in advance and these more efficient ways to work through your home, you’d be surprised how quickly it can be done. We hope these tips and ideas for spring cleaning prove helpful.

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