Choosing the Best Wiper for the Task

Effective cleaning results are achieved with the proper material substrate, procedure of use, and applicable cleaning agents properly applied. Selecting the best cleaning substrate (material or blends of) includes many parameters for consideration in selection; pending the environment, surface attributes, cost of failure, and cost of use.

Bear in mind, many substrate choices will yield some level of performance. Proper selection factors will illustrate the best choice relative to quality/cost/yield.

Today, there are many new advancements in indirect materials; specifically, in polymers, textiles, non-wovens, and blended fabrics. The selection process should dictate a material compatible with intrinsic cleanliness (particles, fibers, NVR’s & ION’s) suited to the environment it is intended for cleaning. As intended to remove contamination, it must not release more than it attracts.

The primary determination should be based on contamination removal and holding efficiency. The fabric construction should easily capture the intended size and type of contaminant without release or transfer. Each material and construction type (knit, woven, non-woven) are intended for a range of applications, and not recommended for others. Particularly, microfiber wipers are becoming the material of choice for best performance. If the wiper or cleaning product does not consistently and effectively remove the foreign objects or debris, the intrinsic cleanliness is of little value.

Finally, cost of contamination and procedural failure must be compared to cost of prevent and protect. In many cases, the need to reduce MRO costs has resulted in wiper specification downgrades. The very product intended to clean has become so low cost, that it actually contaminates, and at this point, any price is too high. However, at Teknipure, we solve the contamination problem. Relative to the cost of the wiper; the cost of use is like quality insurance protection.

Every material offered by Teknipure is available pre-saturated in standard and custom saturations.

We Are Expanding Our Swabs Product Line

Teknipure is expanding our focus and product offering of critical use swabs. These swabs are available with many head materials including: polyester, foam, microfiber, and microfiber covered foam.

We added to our available selection of ESD handles in Teknipure blue, to support each common size and material. TekniSwab binders are available for fast and efficient swab selection.

TekniSwab products provide improved performance and value, and we ask for your inquiries to support these high value products.

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