Controlled Environment Mop Selection Criteria

In todays advanced manufacturing world there are many developments in materials and finishing capabilities which have created a whole new generation of critical cleaning products. More recently, there has been significant focus and advancement in mopping systems and methodologies.

The proliferation of microfiber, hybrid materials, and non-woven options have made for many new product introductions. Unlike with other products (like gloves and wipes), there are not universally recognized test methods or reporting of same data per unit of measure, making it intentionally confusing to the end user. Proper selection requires consideration of all parameters. Below we address important points to consider in this process.

Disposable vs. Reusable

Disposable offers consistency, control, low cost per use and saves water. Reusable laundered mops have been predominantly used in the past, but this is changing due to product integrity and performance needs. Total cost of use favors disposable.

• String Mop vs Flat Mop 

Todays controlled environment cleaning protocol often includes mopping of floors, walls, and ceiling tiles. If you have ever tried this with a string mop, you were probably wet and frustrated. Flat mops offer improved ergonomics, flexibility in use, and provide more effective cleaning with more surface area.

• Materials of Construction 

The materials allowable may be determined by the intended environment of use, the type of surface to be cleaned, the cleaning solutions compatibility, and the efficacy of cleaning performance relative to cost.

• Hardware Requirements 

The type and brand of product chosen will highly impact hardware costs and exposure. Standard sizes and attachment methods among alternate brands can be utilized to eliminate replacing expensive carts and trolleys. The total cost to replace the hardware should be considered in cost per use comparison, as it can be significant and a deterrent to change.

• Performance

Ultimately, the mop should remove all intended contamination from the applied surface on a consistent and risk-free basis. Performance relative to cost is the primary challenge and question to be addressed.

Upon close scrutiny of all the mops on the market, you will find TekniMop CE to be your preferred choice.


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Teknipure attended the IEST Fall Conference November 12-15, 2018. At IEST, we participated in work groups that focused on critical insights into the revision of cleanroom standards as recent as 2015.

These changes are important to address as we further develop future recommended practices for contamination control and cleanroom testing.



Also this month, Teknipure exhibited our latest contamination control, and cleanroom solutions at Medical Design & Manufacturing – Minneapolis, October 31 – November 1, 2018.

As the biggest medtech event, with 5,500 professionals and more than 600 suppliers, an abundance of knowledge was presented, and we were able to mingle with some of the greatest innovators in the industry.

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