Gloves as Personal Protective Equipment 

Typically, people wear gloves to protect their hands during industrial or hazardous applications. Gloves provide a barrier of protection for the operator and are often required and referred to as “PPE” Personal Protective Equipment. Industrial gloves come in many formats; these include knit, woven, dipped, leather, rubber, and more, each selected based on the application.

Inversely, gloves used in controlled environments are typically intended to protect the surfaces touched by the operator, rather than protect the operator from the surfaces. In controlled environments, gloves provide a barrier of protection for the surfaces from the contamination of human skin. Bare skin contact results in a transfer of oils, particles, skin follicles, and more, all of which are hazardous to the product, surface, and environment in use.

Controlled environment gloves require the best dexterity to provide optimal performance for the critical job at hand. Accordingly, in these applications, gloves are made up of thin-walled rubber (natural and synthetic), which provide a clean barrier without compromising operator functionality.

In this glove category, the cleanest offering is synthetic rubber, usually nitrile; however, there are now many options and blends of polymers available. Nitrile provides excellent dexterity, cleanliness, and ESD protection at a low cost. Controlled environment gloves should be washed in DIW to remove manufacturing chemical residues and contaminants and should be packed in clean plastic packaging. A clean glove in a cardboard box is a misnomer, as the cardboard packaging contaminates the gloves upon dispense.

Teknipure produces our TekniPro nitrile gloves for these applications. Teknipro gloves are washed in ultra-pure DIW then 100 % inspected and packaged in a Class 100 (ISO 5) environment.

Environments of Class 10-100 (ISO 4-5) should use our 12” extended cuff (TPN12) to prevent skin exposure, while environments of Class 1000-10,000 (ISO 6-7) can use our standard cuff length of 9.5” (TPN95) to maintain compliance and cleanliness.

Using the proper glove is like buying a low-cost insurance policy, as these gloves touch all your critical surfaces. You can have peace of mind with the appropriate glove selection. The cost of contamination and product re-work or scrap far exceeds the cost of these economical controlled environment gloves.

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A Cleanroom to Prevent Space Traveling Bacteria

InSight, the first lander to explore Mars’ deep interior, landed in the region of Elysium Planitia in November of 2018. The rising star of NASA cost nearly a billion dollars to build. It was engineered to survive the punishing journey to Mars, accomplish life-changing science research, and last with little to no repair for years to come. The production process took place in a cleanroom to ensure a pristine work environment and a risk-free build.

Unlike other highly sensitive processes, the Insight team of scientists and engineers included planetary protection specialists, whose job was to ensure Earthly microbes didn’t end up transported to Mars. All space exploration is obligated to follow the high standards issued by the Outer Space Treaty, an international treaty that tasks countries with “avoiding the harmful contamination” of celestial bodies.

This particular mission was rated Category IVa, meaning the finished build was limited to 300,000 bacterial spores on the entire spacecraft. For some perspective, just one square inch of your hand is home to around 10,000 bacteria.


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