Choosing the Right Cleaning Solvent

Effective cleaning results are achieved with the proper material substrate, procedure of use, and applicable cleaning agents, properly applied. Once the cleaning substrate is selected the liquid applied for use should be a primary selection task. There are many parameters involved in selecting the appropriate fluid, volume, and concentration pending the surface and environment.

The liquid holding capacity in each material will vary, relative to its basis weight, fabric structure, and hydrophobic / hydrophilic properties.

It is important that the wiper remain less than completely saturated, so it is in an attractive state, which will facilitate the best removal of contaminants.

Pre-saturated wipes have several advantages:


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Our customers around the globe include medical facilities; pharmaceutical companies; microelectronics, optical, and flat panel manufacturers; aerospace and defense contractors; auto makers, and more.

Many of them must abide by strict practices established by ISO 14644 & 11137, USP 797/800, and others such as ISSA & ESDA; for which our ISO procedures and IEST standards and documentation provide consistency, traceability, and control.

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