Pre-Saturated Cleanroom Mops 

Teknipure is introducing a full product line (pocket and hook/loop attachment) of pre-saturated mopheads. Our five variations of flat mop products will be available pre-saturated, providing a ready-for-use configuration of each model.

Pre-saturated mopheads provide many benefits to the user. These benefits include consistency of fluid type, blend, and total fluid volume. This provides more effective cleaning results while ensuring compliance and control with each use. This means no more worrying about storing or mixing fluids, or variability in saturation and performance.

Our standard saturation blend is 9% ultra-pure Isopropanol Alcohol and 91% WFY grade De-Ionized water. This results in optimum pick-up while minimizing releasable VOC’s into your controlled environment. Other blends are available upon request.

These mops are converted in our ISO 5 cleanroom, utilizing our automated dispensing and sealing system, hands-free and always the same quality. A Certificate of Conformance will be provided for each lot, ensuring you have the documentation and control needed for quality audits.

Additionally, we have expanded and improved our offering of mopping hardware. This includes new extendable handles (4’-6’, 10’-14’, and 18’-24’), new frames, and a polished stainless-steel double bucket mopping cart to help ensure proper procedures are followed.

We are confident you will find these to be innovative products, offering the best performance to fit your needs.

For more information about our TekniMop products, or samples, contact your local distributor, visit, or call 844-309-2376.



The Timeless History of the Cleanroom 

A watch is a work of engineering genius, especially when you realize it was first crafted in the 16th century. These masterpieces have an excess of 100, miniature working parts precisely fit into their housing. Imagine using primitive tools to assemble tiny gears that had to be built to move in tandem, then consider one of the biggest hurdles of keeping the pieces dust and lint-free during the assembly process. The thought of a perfectly functioning finished product becomes even more amazing!

Watchmakers were among the earliest manufacturers to grasp the issues caused by airborne particulates in their workspaces. One of the first attempts to institute a clean work environment was in the 1600s. The artisans that put together the flawless Swiss watches placed bell jars over their prized pieces in progress, where even a minuscule speck of dirt would throw off their delicate work. In 19th-century America, watchmakers moved their factories out of dusty cities to more rural areas. Their motive was to complete work without having to deal with the destructive issues caused by microscopic particulates kicked up from unpaved roads.

While the history of cleanrooms is associated with two fields of technological development: medicine and military, watchmakers can take the credit for blazing the cleanroom trail!


Honorable Mentions

In August of this year, The Tribune City named Teknipure as one of the top-five “Global Sterile Pre-Saturated Wipers” companies.

Earlier this month Health Periodicals published the “Sterile Pre-Saturated Wipers Market 2019-2023 Study & Future Prospects” in which Teknipure was mentioned as one of 6 “key players”.


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