Effective Wet Wipe Cleaning

Effective cleaning practices are critical or they will negate the value of the task and product. This is especially true in controlled environment manufacturing, it is important that the wiper “attract and hold” contaminant when applied.

Operators who manually saturate wipers are typically gloved and cannot effectively determine how saturated wipers are until they begin to drip — at that point, a wiper is overly-saturated and in a release state.

This increases risk for cross-contamination, and deposition vs. removal because the wiper is beyond its holding capacity, thus it will primarily release liquid and not capture intended contaminants. The solution is using a wiper that has balanced saturation and consistent efficacy.

TekniSat pre-saturated wipes enable operators to clean more effectively by reducing surface tension and capillary force (with ideal solvent chemistry and wiper substrate) providing the correct wiping force required to remove intended contaminants, while leaving a pristine wiped surface. The precise saturation consistency of the wipes is achieved through the use of ultra-pure chemistry, proper volume, and highly accurate automated filling.

Pre-saturated wipes have several advantages:

  • Use less solvent
  • Provide users with increased control and performance
  • Reduce reducing costs
  • Decrease landfill waste
  • Minimize Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Teknipure offers a wide range of wiper materials and packaging options for the best cost and technical solution to your needs.

TekniSat pre-saturated wipes eliminate the need for in-house saturation which eliminates the costs of diluting, distributing, storing and disposal of solvents; and thus, eliminate your squirt bottle program nightmare. Additionally, the need for instructing cleanroom operators or managing improper use will result in reduced labor costs.

For best contamination control & removal, TekniSat pre-saturated wipes help ensure a reduction in costs and chemical waste.

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