TekniMop 5″ x 16″ Blue Microfiber Flat Mop w/ Pocket

Part #: TM-MFPB-516P

The TekniMop 5″ x 16″ Blue Microfiber Flat Mop with Pocket, which combines the “pick-up” of microfiber, absorbency of foam, and strength of polyester, is an excellent choice for cleaning the floors, walls, and ceilings of controlled environments. Provides excellent surface area for the best contact and removal of contaminants. Blue fabric allows for easy cleaning inspection.


  • Blue fabric allows for easier inspection of residuals
  • Ultra-low particle, fiber NVR and ION levels
  • Cleanroom laundered for your critical janitorial needs
  • Robust design allows for snag-free use, lint-free performance and best “pick up”
  • Compatible with most solvents and cleaning solutions