Tableting & Injectibles | Pharmaceutical Applications

Minimize Cross-Contamination & Residual API During Manufacturing

Micro-contamination negatively affects the quality of finished products and introduces unnecessary risk in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Ensure maximum removal of residual API and cross-contamination by using wipers suited for your specific applications.



Recommended Cleaning Solutions for Tableting Operations

Product FamilyPart #ISO LevelMaterialProcess Benefits
TS2MDUI70ZTS2PMDUI704+TekniSatTM Pre-Saturated Polyester Knit Microfiber Micro-Denier
  • Combines the advantages of superior micro-contamination removal and precision saturation control to achieve the ideal balance of 70{245904dc8380371f64917335088384dadcc4ff22776701bec3bb0c60cfb68a68} IPA application and particle removal
TC2MFUW-99TC2MFUW4+TekniPureTM Microfiber Mixed-Weave
  • Engineered fabric delivers maximum surface contact to ensure superior micro-contamination removal with each wiping pass
  • Lightweight and conformable to effectively wipe irregular surfaces and crevices

Additional Product Solutions

Dry Wipers

ProductPart #MaterialISO LevelSizePackaging
Microfiber (Mixed-Weave)
4+4" x 4"Flat bag
400 wipes/bag, 20 bags/case
Microfiber (Mixed-Weave)
4+9" x 9" Flat bag
100 wipes/bag, 20 bags/case