Founded in 2008, Teknipure has been dedicated to the development, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative contamination solutions for cleanrooms and other controlled environments. The products are designed to prevent, control, and remove contamination effectively and efficiently.

Teknipure’s customers include medical facilities, pharmaceutical companies, microelectronics, optical, and flat panel manufacturers, aerospace and defense contractors, automakers and more.

Our headquarters, based in Mesa, AZ, supports a Class 10 cleanroom with ultra-pure process utilities where we provide custom packaging, presaturated wiper manufacturing, product inventory, and customer support. We have expertise in supply chain management ensuring inventory is always readily available where and when you need it; worldwide. Our experienced staff is ready to exceed your expectations.

About Teknipure: Cleanroom Contamination Removal Solutions

Our focus is on micro-contamination control of your critical environments. We manufacture cleanroom consumables that meet the most stringent needs in critical cleaning applications.

We also care deeply about environemntal conservation, especially water conservation. To this end, we have developed innovative substrate manufacturing and processing methods which improve the cleanliness and purity of our wiper, swab, and mop materials, while reducing natural resource consumption. This allows us to provide you with sustainably produced Earth- and process-friendly products.

Our signature products include TekniMaxTM Microfiber (knit & woven) wipes, TekniCleanTM Polyester Knits, TekniSatTM pre-saturated wipes, TekniZorbTM nonwoven wipes, TekniSwabTM microfiber swabs & TekniMopTM microfiber mops.