Introducing Our New Brands

Until you look closely cleanroom wipers look much the same. Most wipers on the market are chosen by their features: material type, edges, and saturation or sterility properties. These features, however, assume that every wiper will wipe any surface, removing any type of debris and yield the same cleanliness results. This is simply not true. Teknipure has done the work to understand how materials interact with surfaces in cleanrooms and provides a wide range of cleaning solutions that deliver efficiency and true cleaning results based on the specific requirements of what and how you need to clean.

To help our customers easily find the wiping solution they need, Teknipure is taking a different approach in its product branding. Rather than present you with a dizzying array of acronyms, numbers, and confusing brand names that sound the same, our products are organized around the type of wiping you are doing and the results you need to achieve. Teknipure’s unique, understandable, and straightforward branding helps you make the right choice to achieve your objectives.

Use the right wiper for the right job.
TekniClean Brand
Teknipure TekniMax and TekniZorb Brands