TekniClean Wipers - Teknipure's "Gold Standard" Polyester Wipers

TekniCleanTM Polyester

TekniClean products are made with the most demanding specifications and results in mind. We utilize advanced production and cleaning technologies and invest in purity through innovative technology. We manufacture three grades of product purity (TC3, TC2, TC1), which include a range of environments from the most critical micro-contamination control needs to general lint-free surface cleaning and wrapping on controlled surfaces in ISO 5-7 cleanrooms. Available in a variety of configurations and edging treatments.

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TekniClean Knit Polyester Wipers - Material G

TekniCleanTM Knit Polyester

  • Parts: TC3P, TS3P, TC2P, TS2P, and TS-P
  • Made with 100% polyester fiber; 140g/m2 (ISO 3 & 4), 120g/m2 (ISO 5+)
  • The industry “gold standard” for cleanliness & durable performance
  • Ultra-clean due to proprietary clean-manufacturing processes
  • Ideal for environmental cleaning, product transfers, and abrasion & chemical resistance
  • Available presaturated with high-grade IPA, sterile, and ESD
  • Compatible with ISO Class 6+ (1,000) cleanrooms
TekniClean Quilted Polyester Wipers - Material L

TekniCleanTM Quilted Polyester

  • Parts: TC3PB, TC2PU, and TM-QP
  • Made with 100% polyester fiber; 220g/m2
  • Perfect balance of cleanliness and absorbency
  • Ultra-clean due to proprietary manufacturing processes
  • Ideal for fluid and spill management
  • Available as sterile
  • Compatible with ISO Class 3+ cleanrooms