The TekniSwab family of swab solutions are intended for critical cleanroom cleaning applications for maximum contamination removal. All products are manufactured and tested to meet stringent specifications.

All swabs are cleanroom laundered and come with double-layered. high-strength, and high solvent capacity heads. The TekniSwabs are Class 10/ISO 4 laundered and packaged per SPC, and they are free of organic contaminants such as silicone, amide, and phthalate esters.

Since they provide the highest cleanliness and are best “pick-up”, they are ideal for cleaning critical surfaces. TekniSwabs’ design provides consistent force and surface contact for cleaning small and hard to reach areas. Their ESD handles make them safe to use with static-sensitive components. Our TekniSwabs are available in many standard and custom configurations.

TekniSwab - Teknipure's Line of Cleanroom Cleaning Swabs
Find your ideal cleaning swab
  • FMD (Foam Micro-Denier): Our best critical-purpose swab that features a combination of foam and textured microfiber for best “pick-up” and holding capacity, and constructed with-double layers of microfiber and foam — The ideal swab to effectively remove liquid or dry contaminants in volume with soft fabric.
  • MW (Microfiber Woven): This Mixed Weave Microfiber TekniSwab features our textured microfiber for best “pick-up” of oils and small dry contaminants, and constructed with double-layers of microfiber and polyester fabric – The ideal swab to effectively eliminate or quantify contamination on surfaces.
  • P (Polyester Knit): Polyester knit TekniSwab features exceptional cleanliness and performance with consistency and value in mind, and constructed with double-layers of polyester knit fabric (ESD handles available) – The ideal swab to effectively eliminate or quantify contamination.
  • F (Polyurethane Foam): Foam TekniSwab features best absorbency, reliable performance and lowest cost; and constructed with double-layers of clean (100PPI) Polyurethane

Standard Features

  • Ultra-low particle fiber, NVR, and Ion levels
  • Free of silicon, amides, and DOP contamination
  • Double-layer head material with strong adhesion
  • High solvent capacity and non-abrasive tip with best pick-up
  • Compatible with most common solvents


  • Cleaning small, slotted, and hard to reach areas with solvents
  • Applying lubricants or other liquids
  • Remove flux residues and excess materials
  • Critical purpose cleaning
  • Ideal for cleaning validation and sampling
  • Product range compatible with ISO Class 4-7 (Class 100-10000) environments

TekniSwabTM Selection

Teknipure Swab Selection Comparison Chart