Teknipure Builds Dedicated Industry Websites to Help Customers Find Solutions

Recently, we have been putting a lot of time and effort into preparing materials that make it even easier for you to find the Teknipure contamination control solutions you need. We recognize that every industry is different, and every company has unique requirements when it comes to keeping controlled environments free of contaminants – Whatever your needs, we’ve got products that meet them.

Soon we will have collateral items such as brochures and quick reference guides expressly designed for different industries and work environments. These items will help you quickly and easily identify what products are the right ones for you, how they are packaged, and their relative benefits. Our website will also feature sections with this information arranged similarly, as well as, so it’s faster and more convenient for you to make the right choices from our dozens of solutions.

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Improving the Way Our Customers Work

Even prior to COVID-19, B2B buyers were often “overwhelmed and under-served” in their jobs, particularly in highly technical and mission critical business purchases. These buying decisions have more options and more people than ever involved with the decision-making process, often resulting in “information overload”.

Teknipure Helps Customers Improve How They Work

Add the new challenges of reduced face-to-face problem solving (due in part to COVID guidelines), and the challenge posed to B2B buyers of bringing positive change is even more daunting.

We know that access to more vendor and product information does not necessarily provide more value or help create the case for organizational change. Strategic vendors and sales professionals need to begin shifting their focus from product-based to providing application solutions that bring about successful change in the work process and make buying easier. This type of partnership builds confidence by helping the B2B decision maker comprehend all the information and helps enable momentum that the organization needs to successfully make a positive change.

So how is Teknipure helping improve the way our customers work and facilitate positive change? We are currently developing Operating Playbooks, based upon our deep technical application knowledge and industry experience. Also, we are working with the supply chain of our strategic distributor partners to gain insights that will help our customers make more informed decisions. In short, we are committed to providing the right information for each specific market in each process application through the most efficient channel to enable buyers to buy better.

For example, our first Market Operating Playbook is rolling out this month for the semiconductor industry. This Playbook clearly highlights the key application challenges and provides industry-tested best practice solutions to overcome them. Also, it offers specific expertise and selection advice on more critical applications within the production environment. In the coming months, we will be releasing additional Operating Playbooks for Medical Devices, Biotech, and Aerospace. We look forward to working with you to help simplify the process and buy better.

How can we help build your Operating Playbook so you can buy better? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Semiconductor Producer Samsung Leaves Intel in the Dust

The semiconductor industry is still catching up to demand following the shortages caused by different aspects of COVID-19. Experts estimate that the most challenging production issues should begin to subside later this year, but it may take a good chunk of 2022 for the supply chain to be able to distribute the chips to the product manufacturers who need them for making their items.

While many associate the industry with semiconductor firms in certain countries, it is believed that the bulk of the relief will come not from a geographical area but rather from “elder statesmen” producers (so to speak) – older chip fabrication companies and factories.

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Even though these veteran foundries are not using the latest in cutting-edge technology, nor are they equipped to make the newest types of chips, but what they make still does the job, and will allow the ramping up of countless consumer products, which will ease supply issues in various categories of manufactured goods.

Semiconductor market research firm IC Insights, Inc has been analyzing the industry since 1997, and found that the top 15 chip companies worldwide have grown 21% between January and March 2021. 53% of the manufacturers examined are headquartered in America (8), while approximately 40% total are in South Korea, Taiwan, and Europe (6), and 1 company has its head office in Japan.

Samsung’s semiconductor business is experiencing a banner year, with sales in that division increasing 19% in the 2nd quarter of 2021 to $20.3 billion. In fact, Intel was usurped by Samsung as the Earth’s biggest chip provider for that period. The last time Samsung was at the very top of this category was 2018, holding on to that crown earned first in 2017. 2021’s 3rd quarter is expected to be good to Samsung as well, with semiconductor sales anticipated to go up an additional 10% to $22.3 billion. It’ll be hard – perhaps nearly impossible – for Intel to catch up, seeing as that company’s growth in the 2nd quarter of this year was just 3% (or 16% less than Samsung).

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