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Teknipure, like so many other companies, has been affected by supply chain and raw materials issues. To meet customer needs, we have significantly ramped up production and inventory to do our very best to make sure you have the products you need. We are working internally to enhance our quality program to ensure our offerings meet the high standards you’ve come to know from Teknipure.

We have added even more information to our website, providing immediate digital access to quality documentation and certificates. If you’d like to download a certificate of conformance or sterility, you can do so here. We’ve also added a new section to our website, called Industries, highlighting our products for semiconductor, medical device, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

We are investing time and capital to develop more resource information and tools to make it easy for you to find what you need when you need it. Our customers are our main focus, and in 2022, we are working to enhance the customer experience by providing even more valuable information via videos, blog, brochures, and more!

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Meeting Demand in The Semiconductor Industry

Unprecedented growth in the semiconductor industry across the globe has resulted in the shortage of chips we’ve all heard about, in turn creating the need to ramp up the semicon market as a whole. A major concern is the ability to meet the demand – not just currently – but even more so in the near future. One vital thing to consider is the number of steps added to production of a chip when being transferred from one piece of equipment to another. Analysis reports reflect over 50% of yield loss can be attributed to micro-contamination. As the complexity of technology is intensifying, hitting the target yield has become more of a challenge. While not every company is making major technology shifts in production, yield optimization remains the most significant goal in the Semiconductor industry.

Micro-contamination can be introduced from multiple different sources; however, the most obvious source comes from “us”. People carry perpetual contaminants that pass through some of the cleanest areas (such as gowning rooms). Humans shed a number of residues, some even microscopic! Even contaminants that cannot be seen by the naked eye have adverse impact on overall yield loss. This is why it is crucial to choose the best wipers possible for removing any micro-contamination in your cleanroom environment.

It is important to understand your application, and select materials that are specifically engineered for those surfaces. Wiping performance is not only indicated in the woven material, but also with the edge finishes, which help to regulate any residuals or shedding. The correct edge finish will help reduce contamination even when the wiper is used on irregular or uneven surfaces. Lastly, it’s important to ensure that the most applicable packing is used, in order to ensure the best productivity. Packing is just as important to efficacy as it is to removing micro-contamination.>

With yield optimization being so intensely focused on within the semiconductor industry, it is crucial to fully identify the most suitable wipers for each and every separate application. The smallest impurity can disrupt quality production, and the industry as a whole will continue to be behind the demand for the best contaminant-removal products our industry can supply.

Spring Cleaning Your Office

Most of us think of spring cleaning as something meant for our houses that takes hours and hours, but spending a bit of time now to organize your office or virtual workspace can bring parallel benefits. Just like in our homes, an organized work area helps with productivity and efficiency, and can bring inspiration and increased morale too.

If you have an orderly office, you’ll be more comfortable there, and that can extend to being more satisfied in your job. Also, studies have shown that a tidy, clean workspace makes coworkers and superiors feel that you are trustworthy and capable, and now that many of us have returned to working from our employer’s office, it’s a good time to implement some spring cleaning! And even if you’re still working virtually, these tips are perfect for you too.

Spring Clean Your Office

Review and Revamp if Needed

Take a few minutes to think about your tasks, how you work best, and what you need to have access to on a regular basis. For example, if your job is still paper-heavy, you’ll want to make sure to have a method for organizing documents that are incoming, outgoing, waiting for filing, need further review or signatures, etc. and a storage system that allows for easy, fast retrieval and eventual archiving or long-term storage at a later date. Don’t forget to consider your digital needs too. A lot of clutter can build up on our computers and devices, especially from icons on computer desktops, and in email inboxes, the cloud, and hard drives. Take some time to check if items you created previously are still relevant, and rename, reorganize, consolidate, or move to backup storage, if necessary. Of course, if any of the changes you are contemplating would affect others in the organization, be sure to bring your recommendations to the proper colleagues or superiors first before implementing them.

On your desk, only keep the supplies you need often or immediately within arm’s reach. If you’ve got a drawer that is the office equivalent of a “catch-all”, now would be a good time to clear out those old ketchup and sugar packets, take the extra 22 pens you’ve accidentally collected to the office supply closet, put those loose paper clips in an organizer, and make an orderly stack of those sticky note pads.

Think of Your Future, Not Your Past

What are your goals for this year? Do you want to learn a new skill? Take some continuing education courses to further your career? Bring on 3 new clients? Start attending networking events again to market your business? Whatever you want to accomplish in 2022, bring those aspirations into your spring cleaning.

Marie Kondo – breakout Netflix star, double Primetime Emmy nominee, author, and the organizing guru behind the KonMari method – wrote in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, “The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.” Think about your workspace in the same way! Incorporate your 2022 plans into your office spring cleaning so when those goals start coming to fruition, there’s a space for them.

Kondo’s website has advice for tidying your office, and her book Joy At Work does as well. YouTube is also a great resource for this topic. Some of our favorite videos are time-saving tips for deep cleaning and DIY organizers in every price range that you can customize specifically to your needs, style, crafting abilities, and available space.

Schedule Time to Tidy

You know your job duties and yourself, and therefore, how long it takes for your work area to go from tidy to looking like a tornado went through. Whether it’s 10 minutes before lunch and at the end of each day, or 10 minutes every week, we recommend you put in your calendar an event that reminds you to tidy up and clean. This way, you’re more likely to actually do it, and that means staying on top of the situation, so your workspace doesn’t descend into chaos that necessitates a monthly “spring cleaning” instead of once a year.

Now It’s Time to Do the Typical Spring Cleaning… and to Disinfect

There’s a difference between cleaning and disinfecting, and if you didn’t know that before COVID-19, we’re guessing you’re acutely aware now. Even though you have probably been regularly doing both on your surfaces in your virtual workspace or when you returned to the office, we suggest you do a very thorough job of both during spring cleaning. After you’ve cleared spaces like the top of your desk and drawers, you can much more easily and quickly get under all those desktop necessities, dust and random particles in the corners of drawers, and wherever else the cold light of spring cleaning has unearthed. If you feel like time isn’t on your side, dry Swiffer dusters and pre-moistened cleaning and disinfecting wipers can make the jobs of dusting, cleaning, and disinfecting go much faster.

Crumbs in the keyboard can be vacated using a can of compressed air, a handheld vacuum, or the sticky end of a Post-It note. Don’t forget your floors too! Mats that allow your chair to slide easily could use a vacuuming (especially under and around the edges) and now is the time for a little carpet spray to finally get rid of that coffee stain; then follow up with vacuuming the entire area. Cleaning probably isn’t at the top of the fun list for most people, but think of how ready you’ll feel to tackle your 2022 goals when your work area is 100% supportive by sparkling!

When was the last time the chair you sit in to do your job was given some attention? Not only should it be dusted, wiped, and vacuumed, but during spring cleaning is the perfect time to make sure bolts are secure and there are no repairs needed. It might even be time to ask the company or yourself for a new seat, if the one you have is old, isn’t very ergonomic, or might be causing some back pain. Alternatively, a lumbar cushion or similar addition is easier on the budget, and a nice way to christen your now uber-clean workspace.

Unsightly cables and cords could use a quick wipe-down with a cleaning cloth, and after, they can be tamed with something as simple as a Velcro-type strip to gather them, but there are more elaborate and elegant options in office supply stores and online. If you don’t have a small label to tell you which one goes to which device, why not take care of that now too? There are DIY and store-bought solutions galore!

Spiff Up Your Space

A clean, organized, tidy, well-kept work area is great, but when it shows your personality a bit, it’s even better. Think of what might inspire you, and add a few interior design pieces. Maybe a poster would be nice – one appropriate for the office or Zoom calls from home, of course. Desk accessories in a color that you love might be more up your alley. Marie Kondo recommends things that “spark joy” in your office too, so go ahead and add a beautiful green plant, lovely new frame for your family photo, pleasant memory-igniting trip souvenir, or another personal meaningful addition to your desk.

We hope these spring cleaning tips and ideas have motivated you to bring the tradition into your workspace, and that 2022 is a year of inspiration and success!

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